Art & Antiques

RIRA Gallery is an art gallery that hosts contemporary artists from the Middle East providing a platform to develop their talent, and showcase their works.

RIRA Gallery first opened it’s doors in the Spring of 2012 with a group show titled ‘Respect to Time’ amongst a cluster other reputable international galleries in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). The exhibition presented art from three different generations of Middle Eastern artists including a selection of young, emerging, and master artists. RIRA Gallery aims to provide and strengthen the platform for artists in the Middle East to exhibit their works regionally and internationally.

As RIRA grows within the UAE art scene as, the program will continue to include innovative methods to further its original vision of ensuring this region has the opportunity to have access to the finest artists and for the artists to receive the recognition they deserve. RIRA provides artists with a space to exhibit their work and the opportunity to share and develop creative skill to local, national and international audiences by providing a space for free thinking, creativity and learning. RIRA Gallery brings art and people together for enjoyment, discovery and learning.


RIRA Gallery transformed to an online gallery in 2017 and has been created to allow contemporary artists to present and sell their work by themselves, simply and intuitively. The gallery offers buyers and collectors a direct relationship with sellers: privileged access to artists around the world, without intermediaries, and with prices direct from the artist’s.

At RIRA, we are convinced that the digital space is an invaluable tool for bringing transparency and equity to the art market. We provide artists with the tools that enable them to independently manage the sale of their works. Our team is working around the clock, committing their energy to promoting artists to a global audience.

The Artling offers end-to-end consultancy and sourcing services for both private and corporate clients where we mainly:

  • Develop art themes and narratives
  • Guide the concept design process
  • Source and commission artworks to project specifications
  • Handle delivery, installation, logistics and insurance

In keeping with our wish to make art more accessible, we also offer an online contemporary art magazine and an art advisory service available for those who would like personalised advice throughout their buying.