Who We Are

SANBAN Business Ambassador’s Network is the arm and the wing of SANBAN Business Commercial Investments L.L.C. This division of SANBAN has currently activite Ambassador’s of more than 6872 worldwide. Ambassadors are coming from a diverse range of background, professional positions, education, age, expertise, knowledge and capabilities. With the exception of having other skills in common, such as social and networking skills, they are qualified to take any business to a higher level via research and international business networking.

Since its creation, SANBAN’s main aim is to build trust between its business patronages to, regulations, lowrisk solutions, and the world of politics; thus bridging individuals together with a bigger general interest. Ambassadors get selected based on their expertise, their transparancy conveys a high value to us, and it is our major chore of business to build a trustworthy relationship between the industies we work within and the public authorities. These ethics are the colomns of our business, that each one of our Ambassadors truthfully respect, in order to be able to give their independent consultancy specialized in business networking, business lobbying and public affairs.

For each public affair or business campaings, SANBAN intentionally feeds into dialogues in a transparent manner, contributing to the debates with expertness and constructive new solutions, also taking into account different parties invoved to showcase our clients’ different social and economical advantageousness. SANBAN’s marketing and research campaigns are part of the participatory consensus movement, which is the main character of the public decision making methodology.

The Role of Business Ambassador’s as a Social Advocate

Our Business to Business Ambassadors are the key figures in the operational process, by utilizing a combination of business contacts, strong encouragement, convincing abilities, powerful public relation skills, winning persuations & etc. are representing organizations and corporations, charities, labor unions to impact legislations.

B.B. Ambassadors are capable to serve as advocates for social issues related to education, food, health and safety. The networking and lobbying defines the activity as advocacy, Business Ambassadors represent the angle from corporate and non-profit clients by providing the right informations to lawmakers. Our B. Ambassadors are capable of sorting and breaking down complex policy issues for lawmakers and legislative staff members who often lack the time and attention to fully research these matters. They can also coordinate their expertise and efforts with other networking companies and organizations with similar positions, thus increasing their clout with legislators. Although Business Ambassadors can be powerful forces in advocating for social causes, their influence does not come cheap.

Qualifications for being a B.B. Ambassador

These individuals can be employees of a profit or non-profit organization, business owners, financial advisors or bankers, traders, consultants, representing a government or holding a political title, or business leaders. The purpose of Ambassadorship is to persuade the market to enact or support legislation that benefits your organization or to get business and community leaders to support activities that are beneficial to you or your associates.


There is no specific education degree or formal training to become a B.B. Ambassador, but they do typically have a college degree, and some have advanced Doctorate degrees. Degrees in business, political science, international public relations or law often contribute to effective work as a networker; since these are the two areas in which the Ambassadors actively work within, consequently understanding of how business and government interrelate is valuable.

Communication Skills

Ambassadors cannot succeed without strong oral and written communication skills, as well as vast general knowledge. They are the heart of the matter in meetings with influential political or business leaders, and need to have a strong sommunication skill to be able to persuade them to their point of view. The ability to build rapport and mutual understanding with and convince others is critical to success. Ambassadors must also be able to express themselves in writing; they are often called to write memos to let VIP audience know of key issues before stopping by and to follow up with thank-you letters.

Analytical Skills

Ambassadors must analyze the situations faced by the companies they represent and determine the best people to contact for solving problems, at what time and with what message. Planned visits are usually more effective in convincing and winning over political and Business leaders. They also have to keep up with current political, business and legal activities to help their companies analyze the issues of most importance. Several political issues at times affect companies at once; in these instances the Ambassadors must analyze the pros and cons of fighting each battle to make the most use of time and resources. They must also do a lot of research and analyze polls and statistics to help support their messages.

Stress Management

The political and business arenas are dynamic. Issues can pop up without notice or evolve over time. Ambassadors need to manage an organized structure to maintain an effective schedule and to optimize efficiency in planning and visits to leaders to minimize the stress and risks involved. Deadlines are common as legislators meet during certain time periods to discuss new laws. Community leaders also meet to plan city and district improvement projects and discuss tax issues. A good Ambassador knows when and where the meetings are that affect his employer.

Finally SANBAN’s team develops a network based on reliable data, aiming at finding reasonable solutions, to develop influencial strategies that are both constructive and transparent. We aim at finding tailored solutions for each of our clients, through an approach including all the required tools needed for each case, organizing outreach campaigns, building alliances, integration of social networks and participatory platforms, latest economic data, legal expertise & etc.

Ambassadorship Agreement