Private & Corporate

Personalised Services

Our personalised services are designed to complement your existing arrangements and deliver peace of mind. Diverse and varied, they are a way for us to ensure that every aspect of your wealth is looked after with care and attention.

The right strategy for growth

Markets and Industries are repeatedly subject to profound changes. In addition, companies must also undergo change if they wish to continue to grow. Whilst this brings many risks, the right strategy will also open up new opportunities.

We can help you find the right strategy for your business - in Switzerland and abroad. With our sound knowledge and consultancy experience we can respond to your needs, identify trends, and work with you to develop a successful long-term plan.

Focused on what matters to our clients

Just as every client is unique, so is the service we build around them. We offer a fully open product and service platform in order to meet our clients’ individual requirements. Consulting not only our in-house investment specialists but also leading external professionals allows us to present our clients with an independent and unbiased choice of the most suitable and competitive products and services. Achieving our clients’ financial goals remains at the centre of everything we do.