Shipping and Logistics

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Our Services and Project Chartering

As a freight operator we are offering transportation services from different size vessels, within different continents in the world. Today the company operates through worldwide offices with its partners and has professional staff and employees. The company has also established a shipowning arm investing in secondhand vessels.

We specialize in chartering world-class fleet variations to our shipping customers with daily vessel tracking, and full operational services. The company enjoys close and excellent relations to all major owners and operatos. We are recognized for the quality of our services and we will be happy to assist you with your next inquiry.

Charterer Liability and Cargo Insurance during Transport

We help you organize insurance for your cargo - carried by any mode of transport on any routes. You can choose between:

  • Policy for single cargo transportation
  • Or
  • General policy (contract) for cargo insurance covering all transportation for a certain period of time.

The insurance policy will cover the costs associated with damage or loss of cargo that occurred as a result of unforeseen situations: theft, robbery, war risk, lockouts, etc. Damages to be compensated are those caused by the damage or destruction of the goods, the cost of salvage or repair of damaged goods, the cost of the examination/expertise.

Charterer Liability

As Charterer of a ship you are exposed to various risks. Under any Charter Party the Charterer is ultimately liable for damages to the chartered vessel. These damages could be caused by stevedores, by an unsafe port or berth, by the cargo, or by the wrong fuel supplied to the vessel. Apart from the major risks, being held liable for cargo and held liable for damages to the vessel, the Charterer may also be held liable for other claims, such as collision, personal injury, pollution, salvage, fines, stowaways, etc.

Whether you require Charterers Liability or a Cargo Insurance our team is ready to help you obtain the best cover and quotes from the market.

Sales and Purchase

We have a dynamic small team focusing on the Sale and Purchase of ships. Our resources and expertise help our clients successfully buy and sell ships, contract new buildings and arrange scrapping of older tonnage.

Head of the S&P team has been over 40 years in Shipping and enjoys extremely close relations with various finance institutions and shipping banks and will be happy to assist with investment analyses and can introduce Buyers to first class Bankers and investors.