About Us

SANBAN is a world leading business platform for orchestrating and nurturing today’s venture pioneers.

Founded in 2016 with a powerful vision to infuse new life into the world’s business and trade structure, SANBAN has served as a critical platform for over hundreds of companies and businesses to date, working to empower emerging voices and facilitate industry exposure while simultaneously providing an indinspensable tool for the industries.

Representing enterprises from more than 70 countries, SANBAN reflects the modern face of negotiations and trade by supporting thriving businesses who choose to create anywhere and everywhere, emboldening creativity and connectivity by providing a platform where founders, directors, managers and etc. can engage with a global audience and showcase their products and services from any place they call home.

As leaders are working to revolutionize the industries, SANBAN operates within newly realized version of the industries – those who exists outside of politics and the tired paradigms that are detrimental to the growth and integrity of its founders as well as the world as a whole.

From encouraging founders/ organizations to utilize sustainable and ethical production and service practices to organizing collaborations that work to promote projects in a multitude of ways, SANBAN is a community that sees no bounds.

SANBAN’s DNA is built upon the ideals of collaborations, transparancy, shared creations, and the belief that the future of innovation and success happens in an environment that is limitless – by operating an open networking business principles, SANBAN’s Business Networking development model provides a space that encapsulates that very spirit.

Boasting years as the market leader in discovering and nurturing the world’s most talented individuals and corporations, SANBAN has an unparalleled knowledge of the needs of its community and even entrepreneurs; and in February 2019, SANBAN launched a premium membership for all of its Business Ambassadors that make up this community: SANBAN+

SANBAN+ is a tailor-cut premium service customized to meet the needs of the business and trade community and includes the relaunch of its core businesses, access to crucial deals, with best competitive pricings and offers, insight and education tools, and so much more. It’s an unprecedented program that SANBAN Ambassadors can join with a low monthly fee; one born from a decade’s worth of experience and industry insight — SANBAN+ is a program meant to empower and enable growth from our collective experience and connection.
The SANBAN community and the unprecedented opportunities within the SANBAN+ membership continue to grow and evolve, and the platform remains an infinitely expanding destination devoted to facilitating growth in the industries, empowering pioneers, rule-breakers, and innovators across the world of business.

The world’s largest global community in the business and trade industry will only continue to grow as SANBAN further leads the charge in empowering the future of industries.