Pearl Capital Group

PCG is a capital entity registered in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), raising investments to take over assets and development rights from existing developer. 

The effort to redevelop the projects requires addressing three major areas:

  • Raising fresh equity to release the freehold for the project land and apply a downpayment to the construction.
  • Financing the construction of the project through an EPCF contract from a consortium of contractors.
  • Settling outstanding liabilities with previous project investors that still hold a sizeable piece of the project equity. 

PCG has approached ConsenSys to assist in the equity raise component of the project. It is in PCG’s view that an equity raise that is blockchain powered and executed through a Digital Security Offering (DSO) would provide access to a new type of capital otherwise not available to real-estate projects. Raising equity through a DSO provides new investors with an asset that is highly liquid, a property a typical of real estate investments.

Moreover, the borderless nature of digital assets (tokens) provides project access to investors anywhere in the world. Finally, the ability to break down and fractionalise tokens lower participations thresholds into this regulated investment to accredited investors

This first phase of the project aims to fully evaluate the investment value proposition and devise the best strategy for the equity raise.