Clewer Clean Water

Clewer provides ecological wastewater treatment systems for industry and communities worldwide.

Clewer’s biological treatment process is based on carrier technology, where microorganism growth operates on the surface of the carrier. The blending of Clewer special bacteria and nutrient technology for bacteria forms a highly efficient wastewater treatment system.

Clewer has patented the RBBR (Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor) bioreactor and related microbiology. One of the foundations of the bioreactor’s operating principle is utilising centrifugal forces in biofilm growing. This system is an innovative process of wastewater treatment, based on Clewer’s own bacteria and totally new innovating rotation technology.

Communal Solutions

Clewer provides water treatment for communities, and other large scale wastewater solutions.

Clewer’s products are suitable for large scale operations as well as for single houses. We provide wastewater treatment solutions for many purposes: combined wastewater treatment for 2–3 houses, village wastewater treatment, and municipal wastewater treatment.